Finding Lost Energy

An overlooked aspect of health is what we carry around in our brains. Some things are much heavier than others. One thing that can really weigh a person down is regret. When we have things we wish we had done (or hadn’t done), we tend to ruminate. It can steal sleep as we lie awake thinking about it. Have you ever been lying there awake at 3 a.m. feeling bad about a choice you made, or a chance you didn’t take? Then you can easily see how regrets drain energy.

It’s not just about lost sleep. This is about the heavy baggage of feeling like we missed something we really valued, or we are on a road that would have been better if only we had been wiser, or more brave, back then.

Of course we can’t turn back the clock. One of the reasons time travel movies are so popular is the idea that we can. But we certainly can take a look at whether we are living a life right now that aligns with our deepest sense of who we are.

One way to deal with the energy drain of regrets is to focus on today. What are you doing today to make choices that won’t keep you awake at 3 a.m. 10 years from now? Even 5?


Margie Wheelhouse coaches women over 40 who are ready to put themselves on their own to-do lists and find energy, joy and purpose. 

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