You May Be Hiding and Not Even Know It

If life doesn’t seem to add up to what you want, it’s just possible you are unknowingly hiding in the past. Here’s how you can tell: you get lost in regrets. If you find yourself ruminating about things you could or should have done, you are hiding.
How? By putting your focus on things that can’t be changed instead of on your life now. It’s such an easy escape. “I wish I would have stayed in school,” or “I wish I had learned Spanish.” No one can argue with these kinds of statements, and neither can you.
It does you no good. Unless of course, you apply it to today. That can change everything.
Today you probably aren’t learning Spanish or taking a class. In fact, you might not be spending your time, money and attention on any kind of growth, risk or opportunity. Why?
Now that is a good question! Because it’s way, way harder than thinking about what you think you should have done years ago.
It’s human nature to conserve energy, make safe choices and to talk ourselves out of stepping outside our comfort zones. But if you look to your successes, your proud moments, the things you are so grateful you did, you will notice that most of these achievements took some courage or hard work, or both.
If you want to have a better life, focusing your mind on what you should or could have done could be much better spent on asking yourself: what do I want now?

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